I’ll stop short of calling it a resolution, but I hope to devote more time creating instead of consuming in 2016. Part of that plan involves introducing some new life into this site. Launched back in 2000, I have adapted it to match my impulses over the years. After sitting stagnant for nearly two years, it’s high time for something new.

I’m joining the movement away from contributing content to businesses that monetize our lives. My livelihood depends on the internet—Google and Facebook are too big to ignore. Even so, I’d like to get back to carving out my own little plot on the World Wide Web. Spend the time and effort on something of my own.

Don’t come here for influential thoughts on any topic. That’s better left to the Chimeros and Frieds of the world. Still, a catchall for anything not bound for Twitter is still something. It feels nice to have a place of my own again.

  1. Greymatter—represent!
  2. "Your words are wasted" []